Thursday, January 17, 2019


I'm too tired to blog and post pictures. We've been on the road nearly all day. So until tomorrow . . . Good Night, Wisconsin.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

And the walls came tumbling down.

Today the builders took down the wall to extend the bathroom while I ordered all the fixtures from Lowes. As of now we are forced to use the Lemon bathroom. More on that adventure tomorrow. John continued to work on the wiring.

It might be hard to see but the double 2 by 10's are there because by removing the wall the boards that are supporting the rafters have been compromised. Since the vertical boards which are true 2 by 4's, are more that 20 feet in length they can't be replaced but must be braced. It cost us $150 in lumber and eight hours of labor at $25 an hour for each man. Huey is more than a carpenter, he's a builder. He has build houses for a living. He is priceless to this project. Bill is equally vital. He has the artists eye in things and does all the banging.

Looking up I can see how intriguing this must have been for Mao the day she fell through the ceiling of the bathroom. There is layers of porch roofs and floors. Thank God she didn't get stuck in a wall.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Today the Plumbers Came.

This is my view of the the backyard. It's where me and Kepper sit and have our morning coffee. It's part of the living room or the great room or whatever they were trying to do here.Years back they enclosed a back porch to make the room larger. They left the overhang from the entryway instead of cutting it back. It looks stupid. It's got to go, but not today.

Today we threw in a request for the guys to board up a window instead of replacing it. It was one of three that were in the back room, the knotty pine room (it will make a great office for John). The first picture shows what we found when we took the plywood from off the wall. They just closed it up and left the curtains in as a . . . oh hell I don't know what they were thinking. There was so much wood rot that the sill was completely gone. It would have cost more to buy a window and rebuild the frame. The look from outside was screaming, "hi we're a drug house". It had to go. So they put new clad board on the outside, framed the inside and put up some of the extra knotty pine from the demo.

Oh Happy Day!

The plumbers showed up today and installed the plumbing for a wash machine. Then they cut the pipes from the two bathrooms off the bedrooms and removed the fixtures so they can come back tomorrow and build up the new wall so they can take down the old one. I measured the bathroom, it was 3' by 8', hardly big enough for a shower, a sink, a toilet and a human.

This is an overhead view of the floor space and lack of . . . 

This picture is of the upstairs bathroom John had previously demo'd. The plumbers will run water lines back upstairs and this project will have to wait for another year.

Monday, January 14, 2019


a read letter day 💝

Well, the letter was the best part of the day. The morning started out when Bill the Builder noticed that water was in the drip pan. The hot water heater is leaking. Rheem, being a good sport will honor replacement. I mean it has been 1 day.

But on the better side of the day, the kitchen got some finish work done this morning. She got trimmed around the frig opening, the bookcase/shelf unit was put in place. (hope the frig cord is long enough, catch my drift) and the kick plate and small counter next to the sink was completed.

"Hi, everybody!"

Later in the morning Huey showed up and they started Step Two Finish, by ruffing in the laundry and putting up a wall.

The Lemon

I didn't blog yesterday because I just didn't want to.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Today I got to do dishes.

Let me tell you a little about our builders. Huey Steptoe is a gem. He's a 73 year old man with a younger helper named Bill or Billy. Huey and Bill each get $25 an hour and are worth so much more. They work hard, they're talented, and have been a big blessing to us. When ever we speak about them to someone in town everyone says they're very talented, and they go great work.

Today Bill came over to set up the new hot water heater and put in the cabinets and the kitchen sink. Monday he'll come back and do some finish work in the kitchen. Then it's back to the rotten floors in the back of the house and the expanding of our bathroom.

I plan to paint the upper cabinets white with maybe a color in the back of them. No doors at this point. The bottom cabinets are from Home Cheapo. Two trips there and two damaged cabinets, what a hassle. I wanted unpainted so this was the best I could do. The stove area is really set up for a 36" stove but that's just not going to happen. The best I could do to get some counter space for prep work by the stove was to offset the sink.

The frig is expected to be delivered on the 25th. It was nice that the stove and frig were left for us but the frig has got to go. It sometimes leaks water and we can't keep ice cream in it for dad. If we turn it up to keep the freezer colder it screams at us, and not for ice cream. So until then the frig will sit in the hallway and not be placed in the pantry area.

The bigger thrill for today was putting in the water heater.

At 8:55 on Tuesday they demo'd the kitchen.

At 2;55 on Saturday we got to cook and anticipate our hot shower.

And both dad and Kepper are excited for the hot water. Well dad was. Kepper is presently under the covers next to me drying under the electric blanket.

Julia asked me if there were any areas of the house that's nicely set up. And, I should do a blog post about those rooms. So tomorrow, since it's not going to be a work day I'll see what I can take pictures of. Until then, Cheerio.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Part one finished. The guys put in new supports and laid down 3/4" plywood.

Next will be to tear down the wall to the bathroom off the bedroom. You can see the back of the medicine cabinet. 

This is a view from standing on the toilet to show the ridiculous set-up.  There is absolutely no floor space.

The laundry will be set up on the wall behind the larger bathroom,  big lemon I call her. What you see here is what used to be the outside walls of the house. 


But on to better things the kitchen floor was laid today. 

It was $129 of vinyl and $179 to install it. Keeper approves. Tomorrow the kitchen cabinets go in and the new sink.  Let's not forget the hot water heater.  We've been without hot water since Tuesday.  It's been tough.  

Thursday, January 10, 2019

1st Timothy, Chapter 5

We usually read a chapter from the Old Testament and New Testament. Tonight was Timothy and it said to have a glass of wine.  I did, dad too. Dad hasn't drank in years. So we finished the day off with The Marx's Brothers and a glass of Malbec from Von Stiehl Winery.

While we're waiting for the flooring company to lay the new kitchen floor,  the builders continued in the black hole.  This house would have been better off if they would have stopped putting additions on it.

In the back of the house they (whoever they is) added on.  There is a back bedroom with the real knotty pine paneling.  That's the only good thing I can say about this area.  They took a back porch put in a bathroom,  abandoned that and put in a laundry room.  Water damage from the shower areas in this house has caused such havoc.

So what's going on here you say? Well the builders took down walls,  ripped up the floor all the way down to the crawl space under the house. Next they will be taking the wall down in the bathroom Mao fell through.  This will make the bathroom off the bedroom larger,  sturdy up the floors back there,  secure the laundry room so the washer and dryer won't fall through. 

"Where's that bottle of wine?"

Also today the plumbers came.  They installed new gas lines for our new heaters.  They also cut off the old bathroom water lines in the back of the house. 

Creepy ceilings! 

Creepy open crawl space! 

Creepy floors to come up yet! 
New walls to open up the space for a new hallway and give the bath off the bedroom more space. 

God only knows!

Next wall to come down!

Future laundry room!