Thursday, April 4, 2019


Today's work was to replace the ceiling in the screen porch. It deteriorated because of the pre-existing damage in the poorly executed roof repair.



The paint will have to wait until next fall.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


We have a doorbell and it works. We were here about two and a half months when one morning as the sun was shining through the parlor hallway I noticed we had a door bell, and a pretty cool looking one too!

But of course it didn't work. 

As a matter of fact on the back door there was an old faded index card taped on the door frame by the buzzer that said, go to the front door the door bell doesn't work.

It wasn't top priority on our list to fix the door bell. Months went by. Finally we looked at it. Well actually John did. My job was to stand in the kitchen and say, "hey the door bell works." I went to the back door to see he had just cut the wires to the old bell. 

Strangely out of the two buzzers on the house the old one did work and the new one that sported the note was nothing more than a new buzzer and 12 inches of cord jammed in a hole. It's no wonder it didn't work. So being the good electrician he is, he took the new buzzer and attached it to the old wire from the original buzzer. And, ding-dong it works.

Monday, April 1, 2019

April Fool

I could stay here forever!
April fools.
Today we are at the two week mark for returning to Wisconsin. There are of course mixed emotions. And while we ponder those feelings we have work to do before we take off.

John cleaned up the wiring that comes off the breaker box. There were about six additional wires coming down out of the breaker box.

Under the old beat up side of the house is where all those wires went and spread themselves out throughout the crawl space under the house. They were all live and went to areas of the house that were not even being used.  They needed to go.

And yikes, this is a somewhat newer support beam that is not supported at one end. "Who is monitoring the monitor?"

Sunday, March 31, 2019

The End of Month Number Four

March 31, 2019

There has been a lot going on over here although I have been rather negligent in posting. John and Amanda and kids had been here for a week. John started a project in the den which will take a bit of finishing up on our end. He did the roof repair for us so we canceled the roofer who hadn't called us back anyway. He did an excellent job and it will make the insurance man very happy.

Then we all took off for Tybee Island where we met up with Christine and Jason and the kids, and Julia and Will. We spend three nights there. We walked the Island quite a bit, went to check out Savannah with Julia and Will, ate a lot, shopped a little, and took a great nap.

Unfortunately the last night of our mini vacation, John got the stomach flu and without to much discussion about that all you need to know is he's much better.

So enjoy the pictures. 

The roof. 

The Ugly Shutters

Tybee Island.


Unfortunately I was late in capturing this picture. It was a stream of about twenty five 7 year olds out with buckets and sticks to pick up trash. The cutest part was the old couple that rode past us on bikes who remarked they looked like a bunch of young inmates out on garbage pick-up.

Major Treehouse

Golf carts are a major form of transportation on the Island but this guy had it down.

Our trip to Savannah. 

Forsyth Park and neighboring homes.

A couple we decided to stalk.

The Confederate Memorial

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Day 2 - The further we go the behinder we get.

Day 2 of the roof had us running off to Swainsboro Supply for more wood. The further John went into the project the more extensive it got. 

Cue the music . . .

So as we wait for the continuation tomorrow let me tell you about our fireplace in the room we sleep in. If you happened to read an earlier post we exchanged an old log burning gas heater for a new one.

The old for the new . . .. . . minus the dog.

If you look closely at the first picture you can see on the left side of the opening a piece of the metal tube that was showing. We weren't quite sure what it was but it appeared to be there to block up the fireplace so you could run a ventless log gas fireplace. Well the last week we had been looking at it and asking each other if it appeared to be getting lower. Finally we knew we needed to investigate.

 All John did was tap it with his hammer. This is what happened.

Things are looking up. We re-positioned the metal sheeting to block the fireplace,

All better.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Luckily what ever goes up doesn't always fall through the roof.

Today I want to concentrate on roof work. We knew when we bought this place that there was a bogus patch job on the roof. As most roof repairs go it was a lot worse that we expected, go figure!

When we got here we found that the roof over the screen porch was damaged from years of leaking. This in turn damaged the floor of the porch. We also knew that this was a repair we would have to fix before we left for the summer. Little did we know that the insurance company felt the same way. 

This was the hole in the roof over the screen porch. It looks like it has been leaking for a while, huh!

 As fate would have it John needed us and we needed him. Using his vast experience we used his roofing skills to start the demo on the roof. And, when it comes to these types of jobs there is always more that will need to be fixed as things become exposed . . .

. . . like the board he just picked up in his hand that easily broke off.

This whole part of the roof wasn't even attached. He had to get a ladder, put a jack on it, and prop it up as he reinforced the beams.

We shall continue tomorrow.  As he started the tear off, dad and I went to Lowe's for roofing supplies.