Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine's Day Story of Love and Caring

There once was a group of teeny tiny writers who lived inside a board. Not just any board, but a magical one. One where thoughts flew by as the sound of clicking filled the air.
One day after venting and ranting, they all needed to clear their heads and get some fresh air. The teeny tiny writers grabbed their Tootsie Pops and went off to the magical forest to feed "Baby Rhinos." It was a secret place where things appear as though they were not.

"Call the medics, I'm turning blue here Chippy." said Zebra, gasping for air.

"This whole thing is total madness." laughed Chippy. "The emergency services are on their way, Zeb. Then again, nothing that a change of scenery won't help."

"Common' girls, it's time to feed the "Baby Rhino's" their favorite meal. Everyone got their, Tootsie Pop? The rest can catch up later. We better head out. Why, you are all looking a little less blue already." said Kate.

They each held on to their most delicious Tootsie Pop, trying hard not to open the paper and lick on the tasty hard candy shell. Gin looked over her pop watching carefully not to get hit by the Big Ol' Mean 'It.' Kate followed close behind her.

"Don't worry Gin, I'll swack it for you if it shows up." said Chippy.

"Thanks Chippy, but just to be sure I'm gonna hide behind my Tootsie for awhile."

"Where's Zebra?" said Kate, "She'd been ranting about octuplets, but she has taken a deep breath and gotten over it. I think. Isn't she coming too?"

Next was Eve and her fairy wings, followed by a line of eager writers wanting to see the secret place and all the magical wonders that awaited them in the magical forest.

"I'm glad you wore your wings Eve, because it's you who will have to fly us up to the top of the tree so we can feed the "Baby Rhino's." said Chippy. "I know it's winter but just in case we run into any spiders, or snakes, or lions, and tigers, and bears. Oh my!"

Eve bravely boasted, "I don't care how many great grandchildren of Charlotte's come across my path, they are all squished. I can handle some snakes, some mice, but no spiders."

"Yes, you are so brave Eve," Yaya smiled, "Besides, I don't think I will be able to hike up there with this big sucker strapped to my belt.."

::giggles, remembering the "Baby Rhino's" wet smile::

Kristi, and Tina, and Natalie was there. Shannon and DonnaRae too.
Dani, and Laura, and Claudette came along. Round and Destiny, what a slue.
They all took their Pops and headed along, beginning to feel not so blue.
Some went ahead and some fell behind but they got there, I tell you it's true.

**delicately saying so**
"I have mixed emotions on this case, but the strongest factor that comes to mind is the well-being of the FUTURE of those "Baby Rhino's." said Kristi.

"I agree," said Natalie, "I have some strong feelings about this which are driving me crazy!"

"Well I only want to add my quick two cents in, if it's the snow that is frightening you, please don't worry, we are used to this stuff." said Shannon.

"Well, here’s my opinion," spoke up DonaRae, "If we run really fast and really hard, we might get there quicker."

Then Tina spoke up, "Yeah but look at that dote in the Princess dress. She's gonna slow us down, who does she want to be like, Angelia Joelle?"

"Was she a patient at the mental hospital? I honestly do not know." remarked Laura.

"She must have a loose screw or two!" Round added in.

"Well, I'm not happy about it either." said Dani. "You think I'm happy running about in these summer clothes?"

The girls chattered and carried on. The 'spirit of rant' was still in their hearts. They began to worry too much on who wore what and what terrors might lurk past the porch. They knew they must get going because the "Baby Rhino's" were counting on them.

"Still, time is the only microscope that really counts in the long run." said Claudette. "Now girls we must hurry."

"I agree," spoke up Destiny, "Gosh this makes me so angry...we must leave now after our long winded ranting. Sorry, the "Baby Rhino's" are counting on us."

Those words ran so true in their hearts. They all began to realize the important job that was bestowed upon them as a group of teeny tiny writers who live inside a board. Not just any board, but a magical one. One where thoughts fly by as the sound of clicking fills the air.

They steadfastly trudged through the snow, around the towering pine tree, and into the secret place. There they saw the retired bird feeder that had become the winter retreat for the itty bitty "Baby Rhino's."

"Help me up, Eve. Me too. Me too." they each requested Eve's assistance. She being the winged Fairy you know, was the one to fly everyone up the tree. One by one she flew the teeny tiny writer's up to the snow covered tree branch. She was tiring so, and as she took her last flight with all the Tootsie Pops tied up in a bow, she skidded, doing a belly flop onto the branch strewing the Pops everywhere.

"Oh No!" they all shouted.

"I'll help you Eve, don't worry, " exclaimed her writer friend.

One by one they worked to shove the Tootsie Pops into the "Baby Rhino's" bird feeder. The girls sat and watched the others approaching that had fallen behind. Eve just rested on her tummy. She was pooped from caring all the Pops. While Kate and the others, looked in to see if the critters were alright.

The mother Rhino was no where to be found. Their little house was packed with fur and straw and every possible type of bedding a Rhino could find. The little bird house showed signs of neglect.

"The Mother Rhino is gone!" said Zebra, "Where could she be?"

"I firmly believe those children are in danger. She does not sound like a person who is capable of making an intelligent and responsible decision . . . ." said Yaya.

They all agreed, it was a good think that they went out to feed the "Baby Rhino's." The road to get there was long and it was cold. Even though they did not always agree, they had each other to encourage one another. And best of all, if they had to again rant, they could again, take another adventure.

I'm having a mental image, here::
::picturing a "Baby Rhino" sucking on a Tootsie Roll Pop::

It's soon to be spring, I can feel it in the way the ground is *squishing* under my hooves. I guess it was a good thing to take some Tootsie Roll Pops out to the "Baby Rhino's."

. . . . shame on me, I didn't realize it was part of their necessary diet.

To quote a well know author:



**removing her four rubbers with the frog eyes after going out to go feed the "Baby Rhinos"**

**passing the mirror on the way in and noticing the black and white stripes had returned**

Thank you for listening.


Kate said...

Oh, thank you, Lynn! I feel much relieved about the baby rhinos, even though you say the bird feeder looks a bit neglected. I think they must be about old enough to fend for themselves, especially with the Tootsie Roll Pops to fortify themselves.

Or maybe they've just moved--I discovered a tasteful arrangement of rose hips in my garage today, on top of a dormant potted plant...


Terrie said...

Lynn, I love it. I hope they're enjoying the tootsie roll pops.