Friday, May 8, 2009

I laid in the grass yesterday and took pictures of my friends I have waited to see all winter long. They are as happy to be here as I am to see them.

I spent a whole week thinking Picture Books. I enjoyed the challenge immensity. It isn't that I am motivated by this type of challenge, the game, the hunt; last thing I am is a competitor. What I got out of it was the energy of the group. The inspirational kinetic energy that flows from the Creator of words and channels down through us. It's awesome.

Again I thank Paula Yoo, and everyone who spent the time to teach and enlighten us. I can't wait to return and soak up more information.

I dabbled in,

l - o - n - g - b - o - o - k - s,

short books,

good books too. :-)

Ones I thought stunk ;- (

and I said,


The Zeb

Yet, most of all I enjoyed the spirit of just "writing."


Just Joany said...

What a lovely way you have with words. Through your message, I feel as if I am there. And I especially love the poem. Good job!

Yaya said...

I never tire of the pictures of Winter. Thank you for posting them. - Yaya

[b]Yaya's Changing World[/b];

Just Joany said...

Happy New Year! Time for a new beginning.

~ Just Joany
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Word Designer said...

I stopped by to say hello. I see that you are still enjoying the grass. I don't know if you have noticed it, but the grass has grown cold. See you soon.

Word Designer

Just Joany said...

I am amazed at your patience.

By the way, if you want others to find your blog, you may want to go into your settings and either choose blogger settings or Google settings (whichever is the opposite of what you are doing, now). That way, it will show your link below your name.

Lemme' know if I can help, k?

~ Just Joany
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~ Just Joany
Red Wagon Flights