Friday, November 11, 2011

11, 11, 11


I am very mobile when it comes to my workspace. I tend to follow the sun. So in various areas of the house I set up spots to sit and claim my own. I bring along my trusty Gateway Laptop. I call her "Shemp." I guess I call her that because back in the day I had a Genet 10 speed I called Shemp. He took me everywhere. Now, that's the job of my laptop.

He has long ago gone to rest. My dear brother rode him over a very dead, huge log. The brother sang a few high notes, and poor "Shemp" sang his last note.

I usually bring my cord, my laptop, a cup of coffee my cell phone and a warm quilt (especially in the month of November). If I am in my car, playing chauffeur, I bring a cup of coffee and my AlphaSmart Dana, I call it "Shemp" also, saves burning up all my memory cells.

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ColoradoKate said...

Oh, I love your writing places--especially the greeny one. I would take a picture of my melony-mangoish one, but, alas, I would have to clean first. And perhaps move a few of the rabbits.

Turnip-the-Hedgehog is waving "hi" to you from the shelf. He is wearing bunny ears.