Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4, 2011

Day Four . . .

I guess it's about how you see things in life. I was forever called "Four Eyes" as a child. Kids can be so cruel.
Well, this set of four eyes is my dear sweet husband, John, and myself. We were at the wedding of one one of our children's dearest friends. And No! We hadn't been drinking. Although John sort of looks like he is one step away from being my sock puppet.

Today was a different day for me. I started my seasonal job of making Christmas wreaths.
Have I been slacking? Noooo! I am one idea ahead with my PiBoIdMo ideas. Today's has to do with glasses.
As far as Nanowrimo. The night isn't over for me, I have yet to type a word towards today's word count. So, look out 1,667 here I come.

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