Thursday, January 5, 2012

Further more . . .

. . . I promise, to do my gall darnedest to keep my pledge of 12 x 12 in 2012. You know, it sure has a nice ring to it and I'm kinda liking the pink an all. Zeebs now heads off to the Marshmallows and the microwave. Time for a little science experiment.


Pretending to wear her sisters girl scout hat from 1967, Zeebs stands, no scratch that, sits in her bed under her electric blanket with her dear sweet daughter of 18 years sitting next to her. She is waiting for Zeebs to get up and help her to melt Marshmallows and make Corn Flake Christmas Wreaths.

Zeebs clears her throat. "On my honor, I will do more than "try" to serve God and my computer, to help myself to many cups of coffee from the Everlasting Urn at the Blank Page Cafe and live by the 250 Words a Day Challenge."