Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Frozen in Time

The Story of Ice Dreams

Ice Skating is always easy, fun and effortless in a dream while you are fast asleep. So is creative endeavors. Putting that pen in your hand after a seasons rest is much like putting those skates on your feet. You wobble, make excuses, lace up a second time and tither across the ice much like a pen across paper.

I'll miss my nature made pond that hides in my secret place. Yet, spring is here. Winter keeps a gnarly hand on it's progress but newness always wins over. It's time for that newness to take over here also.

After months of wedding preparations and scads of company; the arrival of another strippedy one to grace our herd, it's time to Procure that which has been given me. It's time to get prepared for Paula Yoo's, NaPiBoWriWee - 2013