Sunday, May 5, 2013

DAY 4 - Hello. Please leave a message after the beep. Beeeeeeeep.

But if I was to write a story it would have been titled, THE DAY WE LOST THE HOUSE.
My day started with saving the universe. I loved the little figurines that came in the box. I'm wondering why I didn't take a picture of them. 
With these guys in my car I was invincible.

After a hard day saving the universe I decided to knock off seven bottles of syrup.
No, not really! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pick up some breakable brown bottles to sell on eBay or put skirts on. I don't know.
Now I was getting real excited. This is Syracuse dinner plate. My mom had a few pieces  and I love the pattern. Four plates/$4. Because they are a hearty sturdy dishware, they used to be used in the diner car on trains.
Yeah, me!
Now I'm having a hankerin" for pancakes and a story.

This is an assortment of kitchen items. The biggest thrill was the mixer/food processor bundle for $10. My antique mixer gets hot and is close to smoking just making frosting.
A writer has to eat you know.

The best part of my day was sorting through my bounty with my cup of java. There is something for everybody there. Oh, what's that you say . . . the massage item? Well my poor husband broke his neck 28 years ago and he needs all the help he can get. So hey, lets leave it at that.

I also found the most amazing hung of material that used to be an old bedspread.
This makes me think about Grandmothers and a time when there was time.
It's pretty cool.
I didn't find many books I was interested in. There was a book sale in an upscale neighborhood I was going to later in the afternoon so I wasn't too disappointed.
Little did I know the best was yet to come.


Well, yes, this is one of "the best" that is yet to come but not the one I meant. I meant the library book sale. This is Kepper. I call him Kep only so I can say, "Come along, Kep." Just like Beatrix Potter said in the children's videos that came out in the 80's. Now, he's no collie, but neither am I Beatrix Potter, but it works for us. Kep got baby toys.
He is 9 months and a replacement for my Great Pyrenees we had to put down last year.
That is right, it's me. Me and my new bunny ears, 25 cents. Don't I look proud?
 I also have zebra ears thanks to Colorado Kate. Now I get to switch off. Could life get any better?

This is my haul from the book sale. I got there late afternoon and I was still able to spend $20 on some great books. I got 21 PB's and 20 others. I bought 10 videos and 5 books on CD's. I love listening to books while I drive.

BUT . . .
The most exciting part of my day was when I saw this old faded picture from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston of two prints from Beatrix Potter's story, A RABBITS CHRISTMAS. I  was blessed. Actually I was blessed in more that one way. A sweet older woman who I had had conversation with about our love for collecting books had come to my rescue when I was $1.95 short at checkout. What a sweetheart I will always remember her.

And last, but surely not least. As I come to the end of day 5, the most important find was this unopened roll of toilet paper for 25 cents. Between NaPiBoWriWee and the rummage I didn't get to the store and we were OUT. Good Ole Santa, he saved the day.
The good news is the supply is replenished and Santa will be put in the cabinet for another time of desperation, like probably JuNoWriMo.



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