Thursday, May 2, 2013


When I was a young girl I owned a Dalmatian. Lucky Lady Loraine was her name. We got her soon after the animated Disney film came out, 101 Dalmatians.
My story for Day 2 features a Dalmatian. Now this is only because of . . .
1. I tried a little girl and that didn't feel right.
2. I tried a dormouse and it changed the meaning of the story (go figure).
3. I tried a little boy named, Pedro. Now that was working fairly well but . . .
I went out to find a picture to place in this blog post and the hat just seemed to fit on the wooden garden dog. The dog began to fit in the story. The story changed and began to unfold. I just had to be willing to change with it.
I would have never thought a dog would be my MC.
Story #2 is finished.

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