Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Another Mom'sday. I'm so glad they come around every so often.

I spend the day in "pink" because I didn't want "gray" and I surely didn't want "white", but we got a taste of white anyway. We had our first dusting of snow and 20 degrees afterwards. And, I'm hating it. I'm so not ready for winter weather. There will be plenty of time for that in December, January and February. I had to give my pumpkins mittens today. (Hey what a cute idea for a PB)

This evening I read Todd McQueen's post on Tara's blog. He talked about ships and harbors and busyness, and will your boat stay afloat.

 All day I thought about two pictures, each were of the sea. I wondered what the women were looking for.

 . . . and they each are pink. I kept thinking, girls-at-sea and cupcakes.

So today I worked in the kitchen. I washed a needy kitchen floor. Only because I had to dig deep into the lower cabinets and didn't want to sit on the dirty floor. I'm not sure what I originally went in the for but I sure pulled out various items. Like four rolling pins. What was I thinking? Am I opening a cookie store? The greatest find was a package of Mrs. Fields Cupcake Mix.

You are all invited to my house tomorrow for cupcakes, chocolate and pink frosting cupcakes.

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