Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 3, 2013

See that guy? We all know him. I'm sure we're all been him at some point or another. Today was my turn. Today I read the post on Tara's PiBo site. I read why picture books are important on the November Picture Book Month website. I read Facebook tidbits and meandered on the Writers Retreat.

Then I went outside because the sun was out after two days of rain, constant rain. The kind of rain meant for toads. I set up my Thanksgiving decorations, fed the birds and spent time with our new cat, Giraffe. Then I came in the house, made a hot bowl of homemade vegetable soup, spilled beverages (twice) on the counter, poked myself with a knife as I struggled to get the wrapper off a Tylenol bottle. It was then I decided I was semi-dangerous and had better go lie down for a while. You see, I'd been terrible sick earlier this week and I'm still not all together right in the head. :-P

But, you ask, did you do your picture book idea? Well, yes I did. I stole an idea from myself. It was from a comment someone posted on Facebook about catching a great idea at the worst possible time. What do we do to remember if we are unable to write it down? I chant pieces of it. Just joking around I commented I understood and gave the example, frog in a pink dress, mailbox, chocolate cake-frog in a pink dress, mailbox, chocolate cake-frog in a pink dress, mailbox, chocolate cake.

And why not? You could go 100 places with that combination. So, I'll try.


Joanne Roberts said...

'Way to make the best of a bad situation!'Can't wait to hear the success story in months to come.

Lynn Anne Bemis said...

Thanks, Joanne. Naps and chocolate cake are the best.