Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 9, 2013

Babysitting . . .
              Now I know why God stops the biological clock around 50 years of age. Unless your name is Sarah.

Today while I was watching Anna and Ian, Anna came into the kitchen while I was on my phone reading Rosemary Wells' comments on Why Picture Books Are Important.

I said, "Look, Anna. Do you want to see the author who wrote the story of Max and Ruby? See the lady? She created the story of Max and Ruby."

Anna became interested and pointed out the picture of Max on the wall behind Rosemary. You see, on Tuesdays when I watch the kids my job at 3:10 is to pack Ian up in the car and pick Anna up from K4. I pause the TV. Anna comes home in anticipation of watching Max and Ruby with me while we both eat Cheerios and milk.

I then proceeded to again explain that a person who writes books is called an author. She then says to me, "And a person who draw the pictures is called an illustrator."

I began to wonder who is teaching who.

Today was the last day of "yellow" and all I could think of was the yellow box of Cheerios and all the bowls Anna and I have had together. And, when Ian is old enough to chew he will join in the feast. There's a lifetime of stories in that.

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