Monday, January 6, 2014

January's busy and so is winter.

The Holidays.

The holidays seemed to slip right through my life. I barely got to touch them before the whizzed by. I am convinced that taking the month of November to saturate myself in writing is not conducive to holiday preparations. I barely brought out any ornaments for my tree this year. I mainly went to resale shops for ornaments. My tree sat rather barren until after Christmas.

The outside, well that's another story. Our menorah turned into a display of red and green. Knowing me, it will be pink and red if I can get my hands on pink 9C light bulbs. Any other outdoor lights that are on is because they were left from last winter. That's right, there's a little red-neck up in white county. (snow-white that is) It's just been too cold, too fast and now, too long. I feel like the big old black bear that chooses to hibernate, and so suffers my writing.

Luckily there are a few courageous souls that have put together writing challenges to get us meandering writers back in the chair and on the keyboard. I'll begin with the shortest challenge and work my way up.

Let me send out a special thanks to Meg Miller and ReviMo. A week long saturation of revisions.
January 12-18, 2014
There is also a Facebook Group. Here's the link,
And, our industrious Meg has another Facebook Group called Word by Word.


If 21 days is more to your liking we have Shannon Abercrombie with 21 days with START THE YEAR OFF WRITE. Click on the "Go to" tab and click "The Challenge." 21 days of 21 writing exercises. Shannon also has a Facebook group, here's the link to that.
We're in day 2. It's fun, it's brief, it's easy. Thanks, Shannon.

Now if you're a long distance runner there is a group that runs all year.
It's 12 x 12. It's the third year running and gets better and better with age.
I'll give you two links, the Facebook group.
This group will close down on Friday the 10th of January, 2014 and a new group will be set up.
12 x 12 has a fee to join and in so doing you are able to join the closed Facebook group. There is too much to tell you in my blog so I'll leave that up to Julie Hedlund and her blog
Registration closes on February 28, 2014
There are three levels of membership. Each is well worth the cost.
Avery special thanks to Julie Hudlund and her helper, Kelli Panique. 


Meg Miller said...

Red and pink menorah sounds festive! :D Thanks for the ReviMo shoutout! Xx

Alfie Itmar Ketter said...

You're welcome. I'll let you know how that goes. It may be warm enough here by February to venture outside to change the light bulbs.